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Voice Production _

For over fifteen years and across hundreds of titles, Linx has been helping to capture actor performances.

Our industry-leading studio teams draw from a high-profile, global talent pool, and our external producers can manage any stage of your project. Services include;

  • Pre-production. Integrating writing and script work into the
    planning and casting phase
  • Independent casting from a global talent pool using leading
  • High profile and celebrity casting
  • Professional and experienced casting & performance directors
  • Voice and facial capture recording
  • On-location/field recording audio services
  • ADR & crowd recording
  • Full post-production & editorial services
  • Sound design & composition
  • Final mixing & Implementation

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    About Us

    Linx is a production company and writing agency specialising in story and character performance services for interactive entertainment.

    As a key external development partner, we work with game developers and publishers of every size across the world to help them realise their creative visions.