The Linx Agency gives developers hassle-free access to a large pool of excellent writing talent. We can quickly provide the writers you need, on a basis that works for you.

World building and
narrative design

Our industry-veteran writers have comprehensive experience in bringing games to life and can help you realise your ideas, from as early in development as needed.

Linx writers led the narrative design for the excellent 11-11: Memories Retold from Bandai Namco and the multiple award-winning studios Aardman and Digixart.

“Aardman’s painterly primer illuminates the war with sensitivity and poignancy while putting story at the frontline.” – The Guardian

Story, character
and dialogue

If you already know the shape of your game, then our writers are equally at-home developing scripts, characters and dialogue; or adding missions and episodic content.

The Agency provided dialogue and character design for The Bearded Ladies’ turn-based tactical adventure Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, bringing this much-loved pen-and-paper RPG to life.

Edit, polish and

We can provide individuals or teams to help with the technical aspects of writing, too, so you can increase your bandwidth for as long as you need to with no long-term commitment.

For the Division 2, the Agency supplied 3 writers to supplement Ubisoft Massive’s in-house capability.

The Linx team worked for a 3 month period producing over 240,000 words of world-filling dialogue and barks.

What our clients say.

Linx provides the full support we need to get games made. They’re passionate about what they do, and that translates into making sure you work with the right people. They’re knowledgeable and reliable, and you can always go to them when you’re looking for a solution but don’t know how to get there.

Miguel E. Corti - Senior ManagerGlobal Production - Capcom

We spent a lot of time searching for a write for our project before we found Linx. Ben and Chris very quickly recommended a bunch of well-suited potential writers. Amongst them was a superb writer who has been a dream to work with. The Linx team are very professional, friendly and flexible, making them a great agency to work with.

Gareth Mills - Senior ProducerSony Interactive Entertainment Europe

I’ve worked with Linx on Trivial Pursuit and while it was kind of far away from your classic video game writing resource, the team was able to come up with a quiz fan writer who totally matched the project spirit. We were able to communicate directly and Linx were great in the support they provided, just the perfect amount to be there when needed but without being in the middle and slowing or making the creative process slower. I’ll happily work with them again should the future allow it.

Gérard Barnaud - Localisation Project ManagerUbisoft Montpellier

We at the Bearded Ladies have been fortunate to work with Linx. They have been very professional, delivering quality dialogue fast and on time, something that is very valuable in our industry.

Haraldur Thormundsson – CEOBearded Ladies Consulting

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