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The Linx Agency is the world’s leading writing agency for interactive entertainment.

It exists to give developers easy access to world-class writing talent. We can quickly provide the writers you need, on a basis that works for you. We can supply individuals, teams or whole pipelines for:  

  • World Building and Narrative Design — Our veteran writers have comprehensive experience in bringing games to life and can help you realise your ideas, no matter what stage those ideas are at.
  • Story, Character and Dialogue  If you already know the shape of your game, then our writers are equally at-home developing scripts, characters and dialogue or adding missions and episodic content.
  • Edit, Polish & Naturalisation – We can provide individuals or teams to help with the technical aspects of writing, too. When there’s too much text for your team to handle, we can step in to keep things on track.

Case study _

F1 23 – Codemasters/EA
Our writers have worked on F1 2019,  2021 and 2023 with Codemasters.  They wrote the “Breaking Point” story mode for the game, started in F1 2021 and continued into F1 23 as well as writing all the world filling dialogue and text.

“Braking Point 2 is the continuation of the story Codemasters kicked off in F1 2021…it’s definitely my favourite part of F1 23.” – IGN

We first partnered with the Linx Agency back on F1® 2019 by bringing in a professional writer. The improvements were immediate, and it freed our game design team to focus on what they do best. We continued our relationship with Linx on F1® 2021 and F1® 23, with the scope of the work expanding on each game. Ben and Chris are excellent partners. They worked with us to source the best fit writing talent for the projects, and acted as the perfect bridge between our studio and the writers – knowing when to step in, and when to step back and let the creative teams get on with it. They are always quick to respond on comms and flexible on our requirements. Long may the relationship continue!

Chris Gray - Executive ProducerCodemasters

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    About Us

    Linx is a production company and writing agency specialising in story and character performance services for interactive entertainment.

    As a key external development partner, we work with game developers and publishers of every size across the world to help them realise their creative visions.