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Motion Capture _

We’re partnered with one of the most experienced studios in the motion capture business. We can help with casting, prop builds, or any other technical requirements, whatever stage of production you’re in.

  • Pre-production consultation
  • Casting/talent services, including celebrity talent
  • Prop and set building/sourcing
  • Full performance capture
  • Body and facial capture
  • Cut scene and cinematic capture
  • Virtual production & live pre-visualisation
  • Data clean-up and retargeting
  • Motion editing and post-animation
  • Character and camera layouts
  • Crowd scene creation

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    About Us

    Linx is a production company and writing agency specialising in story and character performance services for interactive entertainment.

    As a key external development partner, we work with game developers and publishers of every size across the world to help them realise their creative visions.